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Welcome to the world of gastronomy and hospitality

Since 1895 the prestigious Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu is recognized around the world for innovation in professional training for tourism excellence worldwide.

Since then, Le Cordon Bleu has evolved successfully in the industry of tourism and hospitality, we currently have 36 schools located in 20 countries with 23 000 students from over 70 nationalities in our classrooms, with the LE CORDON BLEU PERU Institute's single location to South America and, from 2000, is dedicated to the training of technicians and professionals:

Managing hotels, restaurants and the like.
Gastronomy and culinary arts.
Bar and Cocktail.
We also offer the only MASTER CUISINE in Peru and have specialized programs in Peruvian cuisine, tasting and sommelier, barista coffee expert, and international diplomas in marketing for restaurants and food service, restaurant management, strategic direction of accommodation, and organization events and catering, among other specialized courses and free courses seasonally.

In LE CORDON BLEU PERU we have the most modern infrastructure and technology to ensure the education of our students with international standards, because our methodology calls-from the first day of school, good food handling practices, in addition, the techniques used are global application usage and therefore the end of the race we grant the certification of the corresponding race on behalf of the Nation and the International Diploma of the Fondation Le Cordon Bleu with validity and recognition worldwide, the International Diploma is universal it is emitted from Amsterdam to all schools LE CORDON BLEU world.

Therefore, LE CORDON BLEU PERU represents for South America, the best alternative studies in the region. The careers we offer are designed to train senior professionals, able to bring all their talent in a market as competitive as the current international standards and an ability to work, manage and provide tourist service companies worldwide, because, at Le Cordon Bleu PERU leaders formed excellence for world tourism.